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Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you will find a set of general questions we often get about Challenge FC. If you have a question that you don't see listed here, please add it as a comment to this page, and we will get you an answer.

 As you look at the various questions and answers, if you have something to add, please do!


What are the advantages of playing in Challenge FC instead of the "big" clubs like Rio?

By Lionel Betsch

Great question, Lionel. 

The advantages of Challenge FC stem from our philosophies. Because Everyone Plays is at the heart of who we are, all of our players get to play at least half of every game. On a Challenge Team, you won’t spend your Saturday sitting on the bench watching your friends play; you’ll be playing. And then there’s Player Development. Because we play all of our players, we have to work to develop all of our players in practice and they get a chance to develop in games. In short AYSO Challenge FC is all about the players

By admin