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Setting Up the Team Webpage

Early in the team formation phase, it is important to set up your team webpage. This is a task that the coach, team manager, or some other team volunteer can undertake.

In order to make the most of the team webpage, you need to understand what's there and what you can do with it.

Public and Private Content

The team webpage was designed to allow you to communicate an overview of your team to the world, but to keep your internal communications private, shared with just the members of the team. You can designate any content as either public or private. Public content is available to anyone who visits the website, and private content is visible only to members of the team.

Webpage Structure

You will find a starting point already set up for you under the "Teams" menu. You will see that there is a place for a team photo and a short description of the team to advertise the strengths of your team to players and families who are looking for a team. These should be public content so that everyone can see what a great team you have. The starting point has a short, generic blurb about your team. You will want to change that as one of your first tasks.

Next is the team calendar. You can post calendar events on the calendar, and they can be either public or private. More details about the calendar are provided below.

Below the calendar is a "News and Commentary" portion. You and other members of your team will be able to post articles here. Like everything else, you can make the posts either public or private. We would expect that most of your posts will be private. However, there is one public post on your website. We have written a public article inviting people to become members of the team to gain access to the private content.

Getting Started

Your first task is to sign up for an account on the website, if you don't have one already, and then go to your team webpage and click on the link to request membership to your team. The webmaster will get your request and set you up as an administrator of your team. At that point, you can post content on your team page and approve others who request membership to your team.

The webmaster will also make you a member of the U14B Flame team so that you can see what he has done with his team. This might give you some inspiration and make some of the instructions clearer.

Above the team description portion you will find a tab that says "Edit". If you click that tab, you will find a form that allows you to edit the blurb. The form has the following fields:


The title needs to be the team name. If you change the team name, please change the title.

About the Team

This is the team description detailed above. Edit it to make your team sound great!

Team Picture

You can use this part of the form to upload a team picture. Doing so is highly recommended. Your team picture will show up on you team page as well as the overview page under the "Teams" menu.


This is the coach's name and a link to the contact form.  

Administrative Stuff

Everything else on the form is administrative. Please don't change anything.

Getting Help

If you have questions, please contact the webmaster.