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U.S. Soccer Curriculum

On August 5th, 2011, members of Challenge FC attended a coaching workshop put on by the coaching staff of the UNM Lobo men's soccer team. Coach Paul Souders of UNM used the U.S. Soccer Curriculum as the basis for discussion. He handed out excerpts of the document and encouraged us all to spend some quality time with it.

The U.S. Soccer Curriculum was developed under the leadership of Claudio Reyna, former US National Team player and current director of US Soccer. The Curriculum is organized in four parts. Because it is a huge (98 MB) document, we have it available here in four separate files as well as the full file:

One aspect of the Curriculum that Coach Souders found particularly useful was the direction it provides on how we should allocate our training time. The Curriculum includes a set of tables, beginning  on page 41 in Part 3 of the document, that guides coaches in how much emphasis should be put on various technical, tactical, physical, and psychosocial aspects of the game at various age groups.

The Curriculum also includes season plans by age group (in Part 4), which provide a different way to look at how they recommend you focus your energies across the season.

Part 5 includes some great information on structuring your training sessions with some example training sessions for the various age groups.

As an organization and as individuals, there are aspects of the Curriculum with which we will disagree. For example, the Curriculum calls for four practices per week for U14 players; our organization limits us to two practices. However, there is plenty of good information that you will find very useful.

Like UNM, we encourage you to spend some time with the Curriculum, and we know you will come away with some useful insights.